Biking America, Fighting Cancer – Summer 2013

Day 8 – OH-IO

Our pancake breakfast to start the the day courtesy YMCA Camp Sherwin which was the first of many great things to happen on Day 8.  The weather was perfect and the route was simple.  We had all slept in beds and didn’t have to wake up too early to get things sorted for the day.  Dedication ran smoothly, and I was on assignment in the Water Van to support team team into Ohio.

I was a little bummed about not being able to ride across the state line, but I wanted to make sure I was able to ride into Cleveland so it seemed like an opportune day to take over van duty.  The ride was flat out of PA and we kept the lake on our right the entire day.  The route took the team through several familiar areas (to me): Geneva-On-The-Lake, Conneaut, Geneva State Park, and Camp Fitch!

I was riding with Ashely for the day and we had a relaxing morning with good music, plenty of snacks and a key photo op at the Ohio border:


Ohio Welcomes Everyone

Some ride groups stopped by Eddy’s for burgers while in Geneva which was great.  The manager hooked up free ice cream for our riders who stopped in.  Ashley and I set up our 2nd water stop just after the state park and got everyone their final water/snack refill before biking into Perry.

Jared (who’s house we were staying at) was able to help out with chalking and Jared’s uncle met us out on the roads to help direct riders in as well.  It was a really stress free van day which isn’t always the norm.  We drove into Perry and unpacked our bags into the garage for our first home stay of the trip.  (All 25 of us in 1 home, lol)

Jared’s family hooked up an amazing dinner for us from some local restaurants and several of Jared’s family/friends stopped by to say hi.  I was excited for him and I was really excited to know that my trip back home was just a day away.  I helped plan a route through the metroparks for the following day and went to bed knowing I’d be back in Westlake in just a few short hours…


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